Life Without The Internet

Life Without The Internet

Imagine waking up in the morning with no social media account on your phone. A kind of life in which updating your status and sharing memes does not exist. Think about how messed up it would be not to use Google Maps to find your way in big cities when you got lost or pay a classy hotel with your credit card. If the net did not exist, video calls, together with Zoom meetings, proved the absence of online meetings. Telephone booths could still exist since the discovery of smartphones are useless without the internet.

No internet meant no posting photos of new dresses you bought or fancies vacation you may have visited. Although a majority will say no internet is fine, speak of some detoxification for some time, others will say that this is going back to Stone Age times.

Rediscover new ways to make payments,

We do not give much thought about has become a norm on global networks. The moment you wake up, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind. My guess is you go straight to social media, look at the news to see what happened to the world when you were asleep, and maybe look for the trending song on the billboard. When you are talking to your friends and using a hard vocabulary, location, do you look it up? Yes, that is what’s meant by it being but of our norm. The question is, what was to happen if the internet did not exist.

Rediscover new ways to make payments, lack of internet couldn’t have led to apps such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. This also means the existence of online shopping and selling could be a nightmare. Big and small companies where companies depend on the internet for growth couldn’t be in business. Companies that do not rely on the net still could be affected because of no online platforms to advertise their companies. The effect wouldn’t just hit the sellers but also the buyers too. Where else can you buy the cashmere sweater that is made in the US?

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Less entertainment today, there are thousands of channels to get yourself entertained—places like Netflix where you can catch on the latest drama, movies. You can watch cats being cute on YouTube, plus how lonely you are without a dog. These sites wouldn’t exist, and all that will be left is movie cinemas, attending concerts, television, plus the radio. With that, there will be fewer choices on what you want to watch. Music will go back to the days when it was distributed through CDs, albums, and tapes. Local music will probably grow more this way.

Minimal cases of cheating more hard work, no internet wouldn’t have led to Wikipedia and Google’s invention. The inexistence of this didn’t result in students working hard in school. There wouldn’t be plenty of cases of students cheating on exams and their homework. Where does the world benefit from this? Doctors who graduate would be skilled and fit for the job. The lawyers were to stand for what is lawful and save innocent lives. Nurses are responsible for saving patients’ lives with knowledge obtained from their hard work. The world was to be a better place if the services we got were from guys with the right knowledge and skills.

Life Without The Internet

Better social life, the recent word has been all about lies together with toxic friends. The majority is afraid to have friends because they stab you in the back for the gram. If the internet did not exist, there couldn’t be such fake friends. Social life wouldn’t be about how many followers you have on Instagram or the number of likes you obtained in your recent photos. This kind of life would be about sending letters to your friends to have them visit you for the holidays to look at your photo album.

You can never miss what you never had, that is why if the internet did not exist, life still couldn’t go on. Many would have adjusted to such a life and acquired skills to live without the internet. But if the internet collapsed, a lot would be affected. Adjusting to such life could not only be hard but almost impossible to think of. As much as there are benefits of no internet, a lot could be in loss after that.